Tuesday, December 3, 2019

10 Confessions: Kathy Holmes, Author of Deja Vu at the Blue Diamond Saloon

Welcome to the blog tour for Kathy Holmes, author of DEJA VU AT THE BLUE DIAMOND SALOON.  Kathy is here to give us her 10 confessions from an author's standpoint. While you're enjoying her 10 confessions, be sure to scroll down and find out about her new book!

1.      Music is my first love, but I must write fiction, too.
2.      Juggling writing music and fiction is very challenging--feels like I’m neglecting one or the other.
3.      It’s harder to get noticed as an author today than when I first started writing.
4.      Growing up a California Disney/beach girl, I was drawn to Florida and lived there three times.
5.      I always wanted to write but thought I didn’t have anything to write about until I met my father and the story ideas started bubbling over.
6.      I took a break from writing when social media burst onto the scene because it felt like I no longer had something to say that people wanted to hear.
7.      Once upon a time, I was a disco queen.
8.      My first blog was called “chicks over 40” when chick lit was all the rage.
9.      I still love disco and chick lit, in spite of the big push to kill them both.
10.  I don’t let age or gender stand in my way, and I’m now writing/producing Electronic Dance Music totally loving music production in spite of it being youth- and male-oriented.

Kathy Holmes grew up in Southern California near Disneyland and the beach with a book in one hand and a transistor radio in the other. She began writing stories about family and wrote her first song with a childhood friend. They called themselves the “Screamie Birds.”

Books have always spurred her love for travel, especially to places she’s read about, and location is often a character in her books.

After an exciting career in Silicon Valley, she is now combining her love for both books and music at Screamie Birds Studios. You can find out more about her books and music at http://www.kathyholmes.net.

website & Social links

Website: http://www.kathyholmes.net

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/screamiebirds

Nikki Durrance escaped the worst nightmare of her life when she fled Las Vegas for San Francisco, leaving her abusive husband Jeff behind at the Blue Diamond Saloon. Rebuilding her life in San Francisco with the help of her closest friend Sally, Nikki draws the line with one thing: men. But when she accompanies Sally on a business trip back in Las Vegas, Nikki meets Dr. Mike Fischer, a sexy and desirable pediatrician also from San Francisco.

After a whirlwind courtship followed by a proposal, Nikki panics and jumps on the nearest cruise ship to Mexico. Realizing she must face her fears rather than run from them, she returns home and accepts Mike’s proposal. Life picks up even more speed with Mike’s plans and Nikki panics once again, imagining that everything Mike does mirrors her ex-husband Jeff. Attempting to sort out what’s real and what’s not, Nikki begins to question everything, including her sanity when everything with Mike feels like déjà vu.


Amazon → https://amzn.to/32vYGZV

 Barnes & Noble → https://bit.ly/33yNop4

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