Monday, July 17, 2017

Meet Phil Kimble, Author of 'The Art of making Good Decisions'

Born in Atlanta, Phil Kimble went to school in Utah, lived for 2 years in LA, then moved back to Atlanta.  He and his wife Julie live in Conyers.  Mr. Kimble is an avid motorcyclist and competitive distance runner. 

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What got you into writing?  I was an avid journal keeper, but, frankly, I got bored with it.  When my wife abandoned me to write her dissertation, I re-channeled my writing to manuscripts. 

What do you like best about being an author?  Being able to share ideas, not from a “look how smart I am” position, but a “look what I have found”.  I always invite, and hope for, comments from the readers. 

When do you hate it?  I hate it when people think you are arrogant because you have tried to write something. I suppose some ego is necessary to believe you have something worth sharing, but it is disheartening when you are accused of writing because it makes your head swell..

What is a regular writing day like for you I collect ideas relative to my project.

Do you think authors have big egos? I have no idea, but I can understand why a bit of ego is necessary to believe you have something worth sharing.

How do you handle negative reviews? So far, I haven’t had any.

How do you handle positive reviews? I am appreciative of any honest feedback, positive or negative. 

What is the usual response when you tell a new acquaintance that you’re an author?  They say “ooh”, and then they try to change the topic of conversation, or back out of the room altogether.

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