Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review: 'Curse of the Blue Vagina' by Jonisha Rios

Curse of the Blue Vagina can be found on Amazon.

Book Description:

In "Curse of the Blue Vagina and other stories," critically acclaimed Latina actress-writer-comedian, Jonisha Rios, adapts her favorite plays into two fun novellas and a collection of monologues inspired by live interviews and conversations with women from all walks of life.

The comedic collection of stories kick off with the story of Cassandra Martinez. Just hours away from getting married she discovers she's cursed with a scary ailment that strikes good Latina women everywhere and keeps them from attracting the true love they deserve. She sets out to break the spell once and for all. 

In Nude in New York, Jonisha shares her own personal inspirational tale about her favorite aunt who teaches her a secret about the importance of a few cups of coffee.

Overall this fun collection meant to make you laugh, feel inspired and walk away feeling appreciation for our precious, and often funny lives.

My thoughts...

Written in a witty, honest and fresh style, this collection of stories is the perfect beach summer read! My favorite one was "Nude in New York" where the author shares her own experiences when she was trying to make it in the Big Apple and the barriers she had to overcome there. In spite of the feisty attitude of these women, there's a vulnerability about them that makes you think about the meaning of womanhood and relationships. Latina readers will certainly identify with the themes present in this book. 

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