Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Interview with Charles M., author of 'The Jungle Within'

Despite growing up in a small town, I always knew I was destined for bigger things. At age eighteen, I enlisted in the US Navy, a move that allowed me to see the world and explore my passion for life. After 6 years and an honorable discharge, I settled into civilian life, earning my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Technology Management.

Always eager to challenge myself with new and different roles, I took on the role of “Author,” writing my debut novel among the roles of full-time engineer, local business owner, and family man. But, I have no plans to stop there!

I am an avid outdoorsman, enjoy camping, hiking, snowboarding, shooting, and fishing, making the Land of Enchantment an ideal place to call home.

I look forward to sharing my novel and experiences with all of you!

Charles’ latest book is the drama/suspense, The Jungle Within.

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About the Book:

Title: The Jungle Within
Author: Charles M.
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 308
Genre: Drama/Suspense

When Evan and Katie said “I do”, they expected to navigate life together side-by-side. But when a car accident and a tawdry affair disrupt life as they know it, Evan and Katie are forced to venture on alternate paths, alone. In the darkest depths of an unforgiving coma, Evan fights to survive the treacherous jungle of his mind. He embarks on a spiritual journey to understand the meaning of life and the beauty of death…forcing him to face his deepest fear. Meanwhile, Katie ventures through her own guilt. On a strenuous moral journey, she juggles the consequences of infidelity and the strain of caring for her unresponsive husband. But are their paths truly separate? Or are they simply on parallel journeys that are destined to converge?

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  • The Jungle Within is available at Amazon.
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At what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I think I knew I would write a book from a very early age. It took me until I was 36 to do finally do it, but wow, it was worth it. Like a bad drug, I tried it once and now I’m hooked. I absolutely love writing. It’s so amazing to tell a story. So many people complain about the ending of a movie or a book, but when you’re the writer, you control it. And the best part is, ANYBODY can write! You don’t need special equipment, lots of money, or any of that. Just bring your imagination!

Do you take notes when reading or watching a movie?

I do. I use the notepad on my phone. You’ll see me out the blue, pull it out and write something in it. I don’t always use it right away, but if I think of something compelling, I save it. You never run out of places to put good ideas.

Do you have a day job?  What do you do?

Yes, I have a full time business as an Electrical Engineer. I love what I do, but my passion has quickly become writing. I love to hear a reader tells me they couldn’t put the book down, or they loved so and so as a character. It’s an amazing feeling to know that your words affected someone else.

Can you name three writing tips to pass on to aspiring authors?

The first, which I would consider the most important, it to just write. Everyone has great ideas but until you put them on paper, they are just that, ideas. Write. About anything, just put words on paper. You’ll be amazed at what comes out. The second thing is to set aside time every day for writing. With a full-time job, I have a goal of 1000 words a day. That isn’t a lot, but the fact that I write every day is important, because like anything else, it becomes a habit. Finally, the last thing I would say to aspiring authors is that brainstorming is important, I do it all day long in my head, but the outline is more important. An outline puts it all in order. And when you know what you’re writing, it’s easy to write.

Do you let unimportant things get in the way of your writing?

So many trivial things get in the way of my writing. But it’s life. Unless you’re a recluse living in isolation, or a full time writer, it’s very difficult to not get distracted. But that’s good news for other writers! If I can do it, so can you!

How often do you write?

I try to write at least once a day. But sometimes life can get in the way. So I shoot for 7000 words a week. Sometimes I get that done in 5 days, sometimes it takes the full week. I’ve even slacked off one week (which I’ll never do again) and had to write all 7000 words during the weekend. It was tough, but I got it done. Mostly because I love doing it, but like anything else, it can wear you out.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my second book, titled The Light In Her Life. I have a pretty decent outline of where the story is headed. Before I start writing any book, I already know the beginning and ending. To me those are the two most important parts of the book. They come for the beginning, but stay for the ending. I would say I’m on chapter 4 of 20 on this book. I have another book started that I recently shelved to take on The Light In Her Light. That one was called Letters From a Ghost. The Light In Her Light drew me in more, so I wanted to focus on that first. I’ll get back to Letters From a Ghost just as soon as I have this one done. Isn’t it exciting!

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