Wednesday, February 3, 2016

10 Confessions: Brian Bennudriti, author of 'Tearing Down the Statues'

10 Confessions from Authors is our newest feature!  Here you will find authors from all walks of life and all genres telling us their top ten confessions.  Our guest today is Brian Bennudriti, author of the scifi, Tearing Down the Statues.

1.      I talk to myself when I’m writing and act out the scenes sometimes, just to make sure no one says anything convenient but silly.
2.      My kids are in one scene of the book – just to freeze the way they were at that moment in time when I was writing it.
3.      One of the characters was intended from the very beginning to be Morgan Freeman.
4.      I stole the physical appearance of another character from Charles Dickens’ Mr. Pickwick: a tiny little fat guy who’s unintentionally funny.
5.      One scene in the book was inspired by an old Ralph McQuarrie painting for Star Wars which wasn’t used for the movie: Darth Vader trolling around in some seedy underworld.
6.      I had an image in mind from the very beginning, and a soundtrack of, ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol for that scene; but it just never came about so I could use it. Terrible thing - would’ve been fantastic.
7.      Since I needed a religion to underpin the book’s events, I’d intended to just scrap a few random ideas together and only reference them vaguely. I was surprised how it came together so neatly though, and wound up with something containing incredible potential. I’m a convert.
8.      There is a tragedy core to the story similar to September 11th; and I was incredibly uncomfortable writing that portion and its aftermath. My thought was – if someone who’d lost their dad that day was standing over my shoulder, what would they think of what I’ve written here?
9.      Geeking out here, sorry – Shakespeare’s, ‘Henry IV Pt 1’ is my favorite of his plays; and I based the narrative structure of this book on how he managed the storylines, pacing and moods to slow burn and erupt the action.
10.  Writing and completing this novel has been one of the most transformative things I’ve ever done.

About the Author

Brian Bennudriti has degrees in Physics and Business. He’s taken a nuclear reactor critical, piloted a destroyer, slept in the Omani desert, negotiated multi-million dollar acquisitions, run two companies, provided strategic and management consulting across the United States and traveled around the world in every hemisphere. He’s a plankowner on the aircraft carrier, USS Harry S Truman and has made a lifetime study of religious beliefs and mythology. Brian lives in Kansas City with his wife, two children, two dogs and a lizard. His first book, Tearing Down The Statues, was published in 2015.

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About the Book:

Title: Tearing Down the Statues
Author: Brian Bennudriti
Publisher: Grailrunner Publishing
Pages: 344
Genre: Science Fiction
Misling is a Recorder, having perfect memory and expected to help build a seamless record of history. That’s what the Salt Mystic taught us two thousand years ago when she came stumbling from the flats with her visions. Unfortunately he’s probably the worst Recorder ever. So when he meets a joker with an incredible secret, the two of them are soon on the run from swarming lunatics and towering assault troops in the heart of a city under siege.

As it has for three generations, the horrible Talgo family is the spark of this swelling world war; and their wily generals and scheming counselors clash their fleets in battles of shrieking steel-entrained tornados, cannonballs of lightning, and tanks the size of cities. But it’s the joker’s secret that is the most powerful weapon of all…a trigger set by the Salt Mystic herself in myth, to save the world from itself.

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