Wednesday, January 6, 2016

10 Confessions from Roxanne Bland, author of 'The Moreva of Astoreth'

Our guest today is Roxanne Bland, author of the scifi, THE MOREVA OF ASTORETH!

1.  My ideal man is the hero from my latest book, The Moreva of Astoreth. Which makes sense, since I created him.

2.  I think my books would make for fun movies. I’d like to act in them, even if it’s a bit part. I’d probably start drooling over the heroes, though. Chris Hemsworth comes to mind…

3.  It took me ten years to write the manuscript for my first novel. For my second, it took eighteen months. For my third, I’m aiming for twelve months.

4.  After years of looking down my nose, I’ve discovered I like some kinds of girlie things, like having manicures. But typing can be hard on the polish.

5.  My favorite clothes are made of fleece. They’re great for writing, because they’re so warm and comfortable. Except in summer.

6.  Snow is beautiful, but I hate shoveling it. Sometimes, though, that’s when my best plot ideas come to me.

7.  I think the term “indie”—short for independent author or publisher—is cool.

8.  I like to read outside my genres, which are science fiction and fantasy. My favorites are thrillers, horror and bizarro, though not necessarily in that order.

9. My favorite beverages when I’m writing is Diet Coke, tea, and water. After a hard day’s work, a splash of bourbon is nice, too.

10. Writing can be frustrating—sometimes I just want to throw the computer out the window—but I’d rather write than do anything else.

About the Author:
Roxanne Bland grew up in Washington, D.C., where she discovered strange and wonderful new worlds through her local public library and bookstores. These and other life experiences have convinced her that reality is highly overrated. Ms. Bland lives in Rosedale, Maryland with her Great Dane, Daisy Mae.
Her latest book is the science fiction novel, The Moreva of Astoreth.

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About the Book:

Moreva Tehi, scientist, healer, priestess of the Goddess of Love and three-quarters god, is a bigot. She hates the hakoi who are the Temple’s slaves. When she misses an important ritual because the enslaved hakoi are participants, her grandmother, the Goddess Astoreth, punishes her by exiling her for a year from her beloved southern desert home to the far north village of Mjor in the Syren Perritory, (where the hakoi are free) to steward Astoreth’s landing beacon. But Astoreth forbids her from taking with her scientific research on red fever, a devastating scourge that afflicts the hakoi. She does so, anyway.

The first Mjoran she meets is Laerd Teger, the hakoi chief of the village, who appears to hate her. She also meets Hyme, the hakoi village healer, and much to Moreva Tehi’s surprise, they form a fast friendship. This friendship forces her to set upon a spiritual journey to confront her bigotry. While doing so, she falls in love with Laerd Teger, who returns her love. She eventually has a revelation about the meaning of love, and rids herself of her bigotry. And she develops a cure for red fever, and is the first healer to do so.

But there is a price for her love for Laerd Teger, and that is her certain execution by the Goddess Astoreth upon her return home because she has broken her sacred vows. But then, through Laerd Teger, she learns a terrible secret about her gods, that they are not gods at all, but aliens, and rather than being part god, she is part alien. Her world destroyed, she turns on Laerd Teger for showing her the truth. They eventually reconcile. But there is still the problem about her love for Laerd Teger. Astoreth will know what she has done and will execute her. She formulates a plan, involving the erasure of her memory, in which she will bargain for her life by giving Astoreth the formula for red fever. Astoreth agrees. For breaking her vows and disobeying a direct order not to take her red fever research to Mjor, Astoreth strips her of her morevic status and exiles her again to Mjor. Back in Mjor, she recovers her memory and sends the red fever formula to Astoreth. Now freed from the constraints of being a Moreva, Tehi and Teger embark on a new life together.

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