Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Paid Reviews Work for Indie Authors

Bowker’s most recent analysis of ISBN numbers revealed that 458,564 books were self-published in
2013, an increase of 17 percent over 2012. Occasionally an indie book breaks out of this crowded pack and achieves significant sales or acclaim, but this is still a rare occurrence, given the sheer number of titles, the variability of their quality, and the fact that the traditional sources for advising readers about which books to read are still largely geared toward traditionally published books.

As self-published books continue to proliferate, however, several companies have begun offering paid book reviews to indie authors to help them break out. Traditional review publications now sell reviews to self-published authors.

Publisher’s Weekly offers PW Select, which for $149 runs a photo of the book’s cover and a brief synopsis in PW and considers the books for a full review. Kirkus Indie offers “professional, unbiased book reviews for self-publishers” in 7 to 9 weeks for $425. Blue Ink Review specializes in reviews of self-published titles, offering reviews in the same time frame for $395.
Is purchasing such a review worth it? For one Wyoming-based author of three self-published works of fiction, Tamara Linse, the answer is yes.

Read the full article at MediaShift.

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